Mizu Green Tea Shochu

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Mizu Shochu is handcrafted and single distilled in the traditional Japanese way, and follows the honkaku style of production, meaning ‘genuine, authentic’ shochu. Limiting the distillation to a single pass preserves the naturally occurring flavors and aromas. With each additional pass – most common spirits are distilled at least two times – the more neutral and flavorless the spirit becomes. It is the time-honored Japanese practice to distill the moromi ‘mash’ only one time in order to capture and highlight the true essence of the raw ingredients. The result is a more natural taste that is complex, earthy and exquisite. It is a celebration and a tribute to the purity of nature and the flavors of the harvest.

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Hand crafted in the traditional way, the shochu is single distilled from a mash of local harvests; two-rowed barley, black koji rice, and freshly picked, then steamed, Ureshino green tea leaves. At 70 proof it is more concentrated like shochus of old to enhance the aroma, complexities, body and finish. Rich, bold, fragrant and delicious.

GREEN TEA DETAIL: origin: Ureshino, Saga variety: yabukita harvest: nibancha (2nd flush/picking)

TASTING NOTES: Rich and fragrant with notes of matcha, passion fruit, nori (dried seaweed) and cacao. Buttery texture with a long, delicious, lingering finish. Green tea ice cream, chocolate, banana and hints of white peach.

DRINKING SUGGESTIONS: To savor the beautiful flavors of this Green Tea shochu, we suggest the traditional methods of shochu enjoyment; neat in a small snifter; ‘mizuwari’ (with a splash of cold water); ‘oyuwari’ (with hot water), first added to a ceramic cup, followed by the shochu in a 1:1 ratio; or ‘sodawari’ (with soda water) in a highball glass over ice.

35% ABV

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