The Rambler Expedition Gin

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The Rambler is the brand name given to a family of gins from new startup Youyun Distilling Company in Yunnan province. There are four members in the family right now: Base Camp, Rare Specimen, Expedition Strength and Sunkissed Strawberry Gin. The Rambler name was chosen to honour early 20th century Scottish explorer and botanist George Forrest who catalogued over 31,000 plants in the area.

The Rambler Gin is shaped by the purity of mountain spring water, sourced directly from Yunnan's ancient highlands. This vital ingredient, clear and enriching, forms the foundation of the Rambler Gin spirits, lending a remarkable softness and clarity that is essential to the Rambler's distinctive, crisp taste.

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This Rambler's expression draws inspiration from the revered British 'Navy Strength' style, while embracing a contemporary twist. Crafted with meticulous attention, this gin showcases a tropical flavour profile with the infusion of Hainan lime and Mango, evoking visions of lush paradises. The addition of locally grown ginger adds an invigorating kick, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

58% ABV

Additional Information

Size 750ml
Country of Origin China

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