Big Gin (Bourbon Barreled)

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Family operated in Seattle, Washington.

Launched in March 2012, Big Gin is the first product from Ballard-based distillery Captive Spirits (just outside Seattle). Allegedly the name came from both the flavour profile of the gin as well as distiller Ben Capdevielle's nickname for his dad, Big Jim, a craft distiller in Wisconsin.

Captive Spirits Distilling sold it's first bottle in February 2011. Ben Capdevielle, founder & distiller, began distilling as a hobby with his father, Jim. Jim had learned how to distill from his father, Ted. Hence, a legacy was born, where Ben took it from a hobby to a job. After 10 years behind bars & kitchens, he started making Big Gin, named aptly from his father's nickname of "Big Jim."

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Big Gin: “A shining example of an aged gin. There is a harmony in the botanicals and the wood notes, which come through at the start. Then there are rich botanical notes, including spice and citrus, before the mellow notes of the barrel return for the finish.”


​​​ Nose:​Sappy pine, beeswax with a hint of marmalade, then a swirl of spice. Taste:​A lovely interplay between the gin and the wood. There are elements of wood sap, beeswax and resinous juniper. This is followed by some more intense spiciness such as a complex green cardamom, which moves on to a more mellow spice with vanilla and a light cinnamon, as well as some hints of wood. This is a sterling example of good balance in the interaction of spirit and barrel.

​​​ ABV: 47%

Additional Information

Size 750ml
Country of Origin USA

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