Torresella Prosecco Extra Dry DOC

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There are places that have a dual soul. One such is the land where Torresella is located.

The Prealps to the north and the lagoon of Venice to the south embrace this area, and their proximity contributes towards creating its very particular climate. Torresella is in a zone that is fertile, a region with thousands of years of history, whose vocation for viticulture was recognized even by the ancient Romans. In the midst of these fields and vineyards, following the Second World War, Gaetano Marzotto ordered the construction of stables and houses for the people who cultivated the land here. Today, Torresella is an estate growing high-quality grapes that produce outstanding wines.

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The base wine is put into pressurized tanks for the prise de mousse; here it ferments for 18 - 20 days, with the aid of selected yeasts, at a controlled temperature of between 15 and 18 °C (59 – 64 °F). Once the desired pressure has been obtained (around 6 bar), the wine is chilled to -4 °C (25 °F) in order to block the fermentation and favor stabilization. It is then maintained at a controlled temperature for at least a month, so as to favor its natural maturation in contact with the lees. This is followed by filtering and isobaric bottling.

Prosecco Extra Dry
Taste Profile
Color: A pale straw-yellow in color.
Nose: This sparkling wine is delicately aromatic.
Mouth: Perfectly balanced and decidedly appealing.
Pair: A delicious aperitif, it is an ideal accompaniment for tasty (and even quite spicy) tidbits.

11% ABV

Additional Information

Size 750ml
Country of Origin Italy

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